Hi, I am Melinda Yang. Thanks for stopping by!

I am currently working at Visa NY Innovation Studio as UX Designer, focusing on client engagements, Co-Creation and new studio operation. Prviously at Samsung Research America, Microsoft Production Studio, Trend Micro and University of Washington.

At Samsung Research America, where I was devoting on home entertainment ecosystem of product design and iterating rapidly through prototyping exercises for evaluating novel user experiences.

At Microsoft Production Studios/Run Studios, I was designing innovative storytelling interactive experience for people interact with large multi-touch displays at events or trade shows.

I have broad interests in both creative and technological areas and their impact on human behaviors. My passion is to merge technology and storytelling to design interactive and emotionally engaging experiences. This portfolio is a catalogue of those experiences and the process behind them.

Contact me: melindayang0510@gmail.com
Or connect with me on LinkedIn