A multi device platform

Lead UX/UI Designer

Design the end-to-end experience by creating user insights and ideation, experience flows and visual design.

Cross-functional Team

Collaborated with Product Manager, Business Development Manager and 3 software engineers.

June 2019 to July 2019

A proof of concept project from SamsungOpen, an incubative, collective and ideation contest for future product and services of Samsung.
Award: 1st place

Summary is a service that enables busy families to create, plan and share memorable experiences through an integrated AI powered platform. Our solution encompasses an AI based shared family calendar and discovery of local activities/events with common family interests and means to create end-to-end memorable experiences with capability of sharing these moments with family and loved ones in a secure and seamless way.

Through our user interviews we discovered two key pain points – “Despite the capital and intent, dual income families don’t have the time and willingness to spend a lot of time to research and plan activities or events with family and loved ones” and Second – “There is a need for an intelligent and personalized solution that can simplify the process of planning activities with loved ones near and far, keeping the focus on the actual time spent". In an attempt to address these two key consumer pain points, we've developed

Experience Overview and Use Cases

Final Design

Core Family: Book Events and Share Memories

Extended Family Circle

Gifting Opportunities


A new product category for photos sharing and home decoration



Samsung Modular: AR Live Gallery

Samsung The Frame TV
TV Companion App

Extend mobile content onto TV. An art mode navigation & settings to customize arts or photos.


IxD, Prototype

Samsung Frame TV Companion App

A personalized assistant that enables busy families to create, plan and share memorable experiences through an integrated AI powered platform.


IxD, UI, Concept development Multi-device Platform


A photos integration service that helps people automatically captures the metadata based on location as an all-time pocket wiki page.


UX, UI, Research, Strategy

Capture: Photos metadata integration service
UX, UI, Research, Strategy

Samsung Health TV App

The Samsung Health ecosystem expands to TV, motivates users to achieve wellness through an integrated experience with the largest screen in the home.


UX, Research

Samsung Health TV App
UX, Research

ZIG | it Mobile App

A Tinder-meets-Snapchat app to get your friends rating your outfits with yeah or meh to help you dress hot.



ZIG | it Fashionista Mobile App