Live gallery as home decoration

Signature User Experience

Screens Work Together
Orchestrated picture frames
and Samsung TVs sync together
AR Easy Curation
Easy to curate and view pictures as beautiful décor instantly
Touch-less Interactionn
Keep beautiful picture clean without finger prints


Capturing, viewing and sharing photos has always been a critical part of our digital lives and as an industry we have always tried to explore what is possible.
Memento is an innovative digital live gallery décor concept for people who want to decorate the walls of their home with framed pictures - cherished family photos, favorite works of art, or even kids' art projects- but hate the hassle Our business goal is to introduce 6+ new Samsung displays into homes to replace 10+ wall and table frames in the average home with digital frames.

Interaction Designer

Contributions include creating user insights & ideation, experiencing strategy & vision, designing end-to-end mobile interaction, and supporting patents application.

Cross-functional Team

Collaborate with Principle Lead Designer, Motion Designer, Industrial Designer, Design Researcher, Software and Hardware Engineers.

Nov 2015 to May 2016

Run design sprint to explore and evaluate new product concept ideas.

Why Picture Frames
Redesign Revolution?

Statistics show that the average user takes 150 new photos during a given month. Besides, people don’t just take a lot of photos every month, they also like to collect and carry them around for some time. The average user has 630 photos and 24 videos stored on their mobile device. Since the storage on the device is not unlimited, people tend to spread photos across different devices or store on the cloud service. This leads to the fact that digital content has exploded with no dedicated way to consume the content at home.

Pain Points

  • Time and expense of printing photos at correct size and resolution
  • Time and effort to orient, crop, and size photos
  • Connecting to and curating a single display from a cluster of displays is unintuitive and cumbersome using Bluetooth or Wifi

The Approach

Our approach is by gathering research data from proposed target market to help refine value proposition and create MVP feature sets. After decising the minimum viable product (MVP) feature sets, the team builds up prototype and test concepts for validation and product planning. Our design question is trying to rethink about:
How might we bring delightful photos consuming and sharing experience to home beyond photo viewing experience on the phone?

The Discovery

Memento Target Consumer Surveys
The initial concept evaluation survey was conducted by national sample of 491 people who fit specific screening criteria through SurveyMonkey. Ket findings include

The Vision

As the ecosystem of devices and displays grows, there is often a need for users to transfer content from one device to the other. In spite of the availability of communication systems such as BLUETOOTH and Wi-Fi, the interaction interfaces used to achieve these operations continue to be very unintuitive. Typically, a user would need to find and remember the name of the display, its representation in a network/ network identification (ID), look it up from a list of names and select that name to connect to the display. This issue is compounded when the user has to curate a cluster of displays, making it very hard to know which display they are currently working with.

To address the issue, our solution is to identify a display among a cluster of displays through vuforia SDK .

The innovative tech breakthrough enables us to explore new interaction with digital photos frames. Building on top of this, we could provide users to interact with their photos in a much more creative ways. One of the conceptual examples is allowing user to make single picture spread across to the picture frames and even select the interesting part and direct to play.

Mobile Information Architecture

Final Design

Curation - The Basic
"What you see is what you get" The interaction model is by pointing the camera to the picture frame and start the picture curation. The team evaluated the two models and decided to go with Model B.
Curation Model A

Select pictures from entire album at first place but lacking the convenience of seeing the holistic view directly.
Curation Model B

One step drag and drop photos to a specific picture frame.

Grouping is the concept that picture frames can be grouped together. This feature allows users to synchronize frames so that they display photos from the same album and control the photos together. Users first assign color to the picture frames which they want to create as a group. Next, they can display different albums to different groups and control the photos independly.
The filter tab allows participants to change the color of the photos by dragging and dropping a “filter” to a frame in view. In the use case, user might want to apply filter to one picture frame or a group of picture frames as the same theme. Therefore, we provide the feature that user can choose the single or group displays by dropping to the target icon.
Filter - Single Display

Filter - A Group of Displays

The unique approach for the collage feature is able to suggest templates based on the display's ratio or orientation.
Design Principles

Usability Study

We have collaborated with user researcher to conduct the usability test with 8 participants who meet certain criteria for the Memento prototype evaluation. We would like to learn how users use the Memento smartphone app to control the Memento frames. Also, how users use air gestures to control the Memento frames directly. Based on the study, I created the user journey map for the team to better understand the whole process and evaluate the problems.


Through the usability study, the team is able to test out several assumptions at early stage to validate the innovative concepts. Some biggest learnings include


A new product category for photos sharing and home decoration



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